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Lawn Care Technical Information by The Grass Company

Nutrition Programme

Our fertilizer products have the amazing effect of enhancing the take-up of nutrients by the grass and increase the energy used by the grass plant in respiration. They also feed the massively important soil microbes, and the overall effect is an increase in plant metabolism, soil health, grass disease suppression and a great looking stand of turf. We feed the soil microbes essential for turfgrass and soil health.

Soil Aeration

IS YOUR TURF TRYING TO GROW IN HARD, COMPACTED GROUND? All plants require good quantities of soil air for healthy growth, and grass is just the same. Grass roots need air for the process of respiration, and soil air is vital for the health of microbes. Unlike a shrub border or vegetable patch, lawns cannot be dug up and replaced very often, and with regular use the soil under a turf surface can become compacted and short of air. Treatments to relieve compaction and provide a link between the atmosphere and soil include Hollow Coring, Solid Tine Spiking and even Vertidraining, an operation for large areas of turf. Our turf professionals will give you advice on the best treatment for healthy turf growth.

Thatch Control

IS YOUR GRASS SOFT, ALWAYS WET UNDERFOOT AND DISEASE RIDDEN? Grass plants are perennial in nature, that is they are continually growing new tissue such as leaves, stems and roots to replace dying and dead plant tissue. Some of this material breaks down in the soil through microbial action, but much is left to slowly decay at the soil surface. If left untreated this build up of organic matter, called thatch, starts to cause problems. Typically, fungal disease spores can reside in the thatch layer, water is prevented from draining from the surface, and nutrients stay in the surface layers. Grass roots do not penetrate into the soil but are encouraged to grow in this surface layers, causing a viscous circle of more thatch development and associated problems. Our treatments will remove the causes of excessive thatch and then maintain these conditions for healthy turf growth by encouraging a healthy soil microbe population.

Weeds, Pests and Diseases

WE PROVIDE AN INTERGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) SYSTEM FOR YOUR GRASS. The best method to control damaging turf weeds, insect pests and diseases is to have a Healthy Soil Microbe Population and grass cover which provides no space or environment for these organisms to have a foothold in your turf. However, if your turf requires a chemical to gain control over the situation you can rest assured that our products are carbon based. This means that once they have been applied to the grass, they do their job quickly and efficiently, and then degrade rapidly into the soil, all within hours. A healthy soil contains billions of soil microbes per cubic centimetre and our turf management methods ensure that any applied chemicals do their job quickly and then disappear into the soil with a GUARANTEED NO RISK to people or pets.

Turf and Soil Disorders

NOT ALL BAD LOOKING TURF IS CAUSED BY A DISEASE. Sometimes we have to grow grass outside of its comfort zone, eg in shade, dry or wet conditions, and through over use. These growing environments can affect the soil and weaken the grass plant but are not classedas diseases. Important examples are; the wrong grass species for the intended use, a lack of air movement, hydrophobic soils, incorrect choice and use of fertilisers, incorrect mowing height, compacted soil. All these disorders can be identified and remedied by our turfgrass experts.

Reduced Mowing

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE A PERFECT LAWN WITH UP TO AN 80% REDUCTION IN MOWING? The Grass Company has access to a product used extensively by professional managers all over the world. This product is one of the many secrets we can bring to you through our vast experience of producing the best turf surfaces. It works by simply by blocking the production of certain acids and proteins within the plant. The result is a healthy grass that looks fantastic, but Requires Up To 80% LESS Mowing. Most of the golf and sports surfaces you see on the television have been treated with this product. And we can do this for you.

Restoring and Maintaining Natures Balance For Fantastic Looking Turf

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