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LAWN CARE by The Grass Company

We do not have prescribed programmes as we believe every single area of grass managed for turf requires a bespoke programme of turf management. A typical programme over the year for a lawn that is used by a family, has some wear, suffers from weed infestation and is under-managed may look like this.

                                           Chart of Lawn Care Calender

Spring - Mar / Apr

Your turf will need a boost after surviving the winter and will include an application of a turf tonic, light scarification and top dressing, a fertiliser application, aeration and compaction relief. Some disease control and environmental improvements may also need to be carried out.

Early Summer - May / July

Your turf will need further applications of our supplements for healthy growth, especially if used as a family recreation area. This is the best time of year to control weeds and to carry out light verti-cutting for thatch control and to encourage dense stand of turf.

Late Summer - July / Aug

During this period of the year, with children at home and potentially hot weather, your turf will require ongoing applications of our supplements, perhaps some weed and insect larvae control, and an application of a wetting agent to withstand the wear and tear.

Autumn - Sept / Nov

Treatments are designed to strengthen the grass before the winter conditions reduce growth.  Correct nutrient applications are vital, and controls of worms and disease may be necessary.  During September, heavy and deep scarification and aeration may be necessary to remove excessive thatch and compaction from summer use.  Grass growth at this time of year is normally good enough for the turf to recover quickly and healthily from these necessary treatments.

Winter - Dec / Mar

Climate change is not a new subject for professional turf practitioners. For the past twenty years we have experienced increased winter grass growth to the point where mowing, in some parts of the country, has to be carried out all year round. This continuous growth of new leaf tissue and roots requires a small amount of nutrients to keep the grass healthy. Our carbohydrate feeds will give your grass the energy it needs to draw vital nutrients from the soil. Other work that could be carried out is more aeration to help the new roots develop fully; high quality turf can be prone to disease infection during mild weather and may need controlling. This could be the ideal time to build a new lawn.

Our turf professionals will give you all the advice you need on these technical turf care operations.

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